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Engage your friends and family and raise awareness about endangered languages by sending an e-postcard with a Native language audio greeting.

To send a greeting in one of America’s first languages, begin by clicking on an image below. The audio postcard will appear to the right. Click on Play button to listen to the greeting. When ready to send, fill out the information below and click Send.


Alutiiq Greeting

Today is good. I'm thinking of you all.

Cherokee Greeting

Have a good heart.

Crow Greeting

Hello, How are things?

Euchee Greeting

Together we can do great things.

Lakota Greeting

Be happy every day.

Navajo Greeting

Hello, it is good, all is harmony
around us.

Click play button to hear greeting.

About the Photo: A Kodiak brown bear roams Kodiak Island, Alaska, home for more than 7,500 years to some of the many Alutiiq communities in the Kodiak archipelago. The Kodiak bear is related to the grizzly and is the largest brown bear in the world.

Photo Credit:Alutiiq Museum staff

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