• Voices from Indian Country

    Listen to the voices of Native Americans speaking their mother tongues.

  • A Map of America’s First Languages

    Discover fourteen of the many Native American communities working to save their heritage languages.

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    Send an ePostcard with an audio greeting in a Native American language.

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    Watch additional footage from We Still Live Here and video about America’s first languages.

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  • About the Project

    Meet the creators of OurMotherTongues.org and learn why they produced the website.

  • Language Map

    Explore Native American
    language programs from
    Alaska to North Carolina,
    including the Wôpanâak
    Language Reclamation
    Project featured in
    We Still Live Here -
    Âs Nutayuneân.

  • Voices

    Meet heroic American Indian first-language speakers and teachers, and hear from dedicated second-language learners who are striving to learn, speak, and enjoy their heritage languages.

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    Send an e-greeting in a
    Native American
    language to entertain
    friends and raise
    awareness about
    America's indigenous
    languages and the people
    striving to save them.

  • Video Clips

    View additional footage
    from We Still Live Here;
    learn about cultural clues
    embedded in languages,
    and hear from American
    Indian leaders about the
    importance of learning
    one's mother tongue.

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    Read stories and share your own on our blog featuring language revitalization efforts in America and around the world, updated by Anne Makepeace and Jennifer Weston.